Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Woe Men

So the plans to attend the PCT hiker kickoff camp out were set aside in order to spend more time in the mighty Yosemite…a couple of more nights, anyway, which passed all too quickly and we found ourselves going from pristine woodland one night, to Flying J Truck Stop parking lot, the next.

What a traumatic experience.

There was no way to disguise the sounds of freeway traffic for the sounds of thousand foot waterfalls…although I tried in my mind’s ears.

Slowly we crept through the Napa Valley (spousal dude decided he did not want to drive in the Bay Area traffic in this 30 foot vehicle), so jutting over on the Hwy 12 to veer North through Napa, we followed miles of cars making the winery tours on a sunny Saturday afternoon…

It was a pleasant enough drive, until a couple in a small green Honda decided to pass our obviously too large rig, on a narrow two lane road, whilst waving a Capitol “I” and spitting at us to go copulate ourselves.

Said Honda zipped around our home, only to be stuck, of course, right dead in front of us, behind the miles of wine aficionados.

The spousal unit was not pleased.

And if it weren’t enough to fly the “I” high once, the passenger of the Honda continued to salute us like we were military royalty, over and over.

The spousal unit telephoned the police, reporting the make, model and license number of the aggressive motorist.

Fortunately, the offenders turned right out of Calistoga (after driving right in front of us for about 20 miles, through stoplights and traffic slow downs)….

I continue to wonder about the wisdom of some people. Given the size of our rig, they could of easily become squashed between us and the car in front of them, had spouse not gotten a grip on his temper.

I’m just glad I wasn’t driving.


Laundry Karma

We live in an RV.  A 30 ft long motor home, to be precise.

Needless to say, I do not have my own washer & dryer. And this is what I miss the most from my former unmobile home.

2 a.m. and restless? Throw in a load of laundry.

Overflow the toilet and use every last towel in the house cleaning it up? No problem.

Now, it’s either dragging tubs of stinky used clothing and household cloth to a public laundromat (why don’t you just banish me to hell) or haul it to the laundry facilities provided by whichever RV park we happen to be occupying. These facilities are, without exception, ridiculously under supplied in every case I’ve encountered.

Usually there are 3-6 washing machines and 4-6 dryers for parks that will house 100-200 residents.

Take a number or wait until the wee hours to actually gain access to 2-3 of the coveted machines.

And forget about weekends. That’s like trying to win the lottery.

I don’t mind sharing, really I don’t, I have a sibling after all and understand that in a large world, we all have to play on the same playground.

But, please….please, don’t share your lint.

Nothing peeves me more than opening the dryer, peering into the tumbler, tossing in my wet clothing and usually as an after thought, pulling out the lint trap, only to find the contraption full of someone’s lint, cat hair, dog hair, pubic hair…..*shudder*

God only knows what the real composition of dryer lint is, (it does make a fabulous fire starter for campfires), but somehow, other people’s just feels creepy and gross.

I search desperately for something to swipe the manifestation out with, usually having to retreat to my car to find a Kleenex –

More often than not, I’m thrilled to find the trap all clear and my heart zings.

But when I don’t, I curse who ever last used the machines, hoping the next time they do laundry, some of their quarters are eaten.


Sometimes, between adventures, you just sit.

The Buddhists know how to just sit and I have a lot to learn from just sitting.

It’s a crazy busy world and it actually takes a bit of discipline to sit…still…listening…

To the creek, to the birds, to the neighbors quarreling, to my breath and heartbeat.

We are sitting in Ashland for a few days, before heading into California for our Yosemite, Lake Morena, Aptos adventure.

But having it all planned, does that make it a real adventure?

So we won’t plan it all out.

We do plan on stopping at a couple of casinos on the way and playing the penny slots.

I’ve never gambled before, so this might be an adventure in itself.

I’ll write about the people, places and experiences encountered.

But today, I sit.